Friday, March 18, 2011

Module 6: Policy and Ethical Issues in IT

When listening to the podcast for module 6, I never truly realized how the definition and idea of plagiarism has changed throughout time. I was unaware that Shakespeare and other famous writers have been known to take ideas and works from other individuals. Isn’t it amazing that we do not accuse Shakespeare of plagiarism! Societal views related to plagiarism have changed throughout the course of history, becoming more of an issue in our present day.

I have always feared being accused of plagiarism. The speaker in the podcast introduces a concept that I have heard in the past, but have simply forgotten over time. Are we considered plagiarizing when we “take” ideas from others based on previous research that we have simply forgotten? During my graduate studies thus far, I feel as though I am continually trying to find where I obtained thoughts in my mind. Did I create this thought based on my knowledge base, or have I read it somewhere and simply cannot remember where the information was obtained? 

The speaker also discusses a play that was produced which was very similar to works from a well known writer without the writer’s permission (copyright infringement). I found it amazing that this writer did not accuse the producer of the play of plagiarism for “something new was created.” The producer took the idea of the writer and created something new with it. He also discusses “intellectual property” and that individuals “can’t claim to hang on forever.” I enjoyed listening to the writer’s perspective because I share many of his same beliefs related to plagiarism.

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  1. Excellent work on your blog this semester Rachel. I am glad to see this class has give you new insight into healthcare informatics. As for plagiarism do not fear just be vigilant with your work to avoid it. All the best moving forward and I hope you get to apply what you have learned from this class in your future practice.